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Save time and hassle of manual paperwork and data entry. Automate data entry from invoices, receipts, bank and cards statements. It’s easier, faster and economical.

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How it Works

Receipt Bot makes accounting and bookkeeping super easy, saving you time and money. Entrepreneurs and Businesses organize bills, invoices, receipts, bank and card statements with Receipt Bot mobile or web app. Our Auto Data Entry Software extracts data with highest accuracy, assigns accounting categories and updates your cloud accounting software, such as Xero and Quickbooks Online.

You can access to all your financial data, from any device anywhere. Automate data entry with our user-friendly bookkeeping bot and stay on top of your business financials.

Auto Data Entry Software

User share invoices, receipts, bank statements and other documents from any personal device or scan using our popular mobile app.

Receipt Bot sorts and tags documents, extracts all the relevant bookkeeping data, then stores them on our secure cloud in a searchable format.

Extracted data can be exported to the leading accounting software with one click or you can simply download in Excel and CSV formats.

Product Features

What makes Receipt Bot special

Bye-bye, data-entry! Hello productivity! Receipt Bot is the easiest way to organize your Accounting and Bookkeeping records. This auto data entry software has been designed to streamline your accounting data collection and data entry using advanced text recognition and the latest artificial intelligence technologies. Staying on top of your business expenses has never been so easy.

Data Entry Software

Accurate Automated Data Entry

Automate data entry from supplier invoices, bills, receipts, bank and card statements to cloud accounting software. Accurate. Fast. Straightforward.

Expense Tracking App

Snap and Go

It’s time to go digital. Ditch paperwork and filing. Take a picture with your phone, email bills with a tap, scan docs or share files in a few seconds.

OCR Accounting

Super-Fast and Highly-Accurate OCR

Get optimal OCR results! Our innovative technology guarantees fast and error-free data. The most accurate results possible.

Cloud Accounting Software

Fully Responsive and Deep Integrations

Thanks to the advanced integration with major Cloud Accounting Software, your accounting books are updated in real time. Your accounting books are constantly updated, 24/7, in real time.

Receipt App

Simplified File Sharing and Archiving

Tap and share documents with your team or accountant from your phone. No errors. No delays. Powerful Cloud accounting is here to help you go digital.

Expense Manager

Intelligent Records Checking

Our Artificial Intelligence-driven bot predicts missing bookkeeping and accounting records and sends reminders, so you don’t have to.

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In our blog we discuss the latest developments and upcoming features of Receipt Bot and share our thoughts about Accounting, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy.

Receipt Bot Beta Launch: What to Expect?

Your bookkeeping robot has arrived. After quite a few long nights, weekends, pizzas and bugs, we finally have a product that we are happy to share with you. Receipt Bot is an Automated Data Entry Software that delivers highly accurate data extraction – fast. When we started developing Receipt Bot, we set out with a simple target in mind: Automated Bookkeeping for small and medium businesses that is super easy

Enter the Era of Bookkeeping Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Accounting and Bookkeeping, arguably the oldest profession in the world, has come a long way since the introduction of Luca Pacioli’s 15th-century principle of double entry bookkeeping. Accountants have played a pivotal role in enabling the economy of the 20th century by acting as rule makers, watchdogs and anchors of modern-day business practices. This role will become ever more critical with the growing trend of entrepreneurship, digitalization, eCommerce and cross-border trade.

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Latest from our Blogs

Cloud Accounting Integrations

Receipt Bot seamlessly integrates with your favourite cloud accounting software. Once you connect Receipt Bot with your accounting software, it records your business expenses in real-time giving you are clear visibility of your business finances. Simply take pictures with your mobile camera, forward e-commerce invoices received in emails, or scan documents. You can process anything, invoice, receipt, bank or card statement and it will be recorded in your accounting software instantly.

Auto Data Entry for QuickBooks

Take advantage of Receipt Bot integration with QuickBooks. Go digital with online document storage and automated data entry. Manage your QuickBook bookkeeping with ease.

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Data Entry Software for Xero

Xero Bookkeeping becomes even easier and effortless with Receipt Bot. Our data entry app for Xero allows you to fully automate your bookkeeping with real time recording of expenses from invoices and receipts.

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