Your bookkeeping robot has arrived. After quite a few long nights, weekends, pizzas and bugs, we finally have a product that we are happy to share with you. Receipt Bot is a Cloud Bookkeeping and Data Entry application that delivers highly accurate data extraction – fast. When we started developing Receipt Bot, we set out with a simple target in mind: Automated Bookkeeping for small and medium businesses that is super easy. An entrepreneur simply puts the papers on scanner and bookkeeping is done, that simple! Our goal is to save entrepreneurs and accountants the time and effort of manual data entry and hassle of collating all the key business accounting documents from different sources. In beta launch we are half way there, covering data entry from receipts, invoices and bills.

Receipt Bot has been structured to leverage Artificial Intelligence and it utilises cutting edge technologies for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). So it was a fairly challenging project. We have worked with a selected group of partners to ensure we are meeting a real customer need. The beta application has gone through rigorous testing, and we are confident that the application handles data accurately and the data security is working as expected too. However, the presence of bugs and some compatibility issues is inevitable at this stage. In most cases, these bugs can be avoided by changing the browser programme that you are using.

We have a dedicated team of professionals working hard to give you the best automated bookkeeping software that makes managing your business or accounting and bookkeeping practice easy. We are keenly waiting for and looking forward to your feedback.

Functionality Included in the Beta Release

For the first open beta, our target was to share a secure online platform for easy business expense management and data entry. So, it provides the following functionality:

1. Highly Accurate OCR and Data Entry

Our first and the foremost goal is to provide accurate OCR and Data Entry for accounting software and to ensure your bookkeeping is done quickly and in an error-free manner. So you can upload your document with confidence that accurate data will be returned.

2. Share Documents By Email

These days a significant part of business purchases are done online and the invoices are received in an email which then needs to be stored manually as support and entries are recorded manually. Every entity gets a dedicated email documents inbox. As soon as you get a business invoice simply forward it to your service email and it will be recorded correctly with the accounting entry.

3. Export to Excel

We accountants love MS Excel, don’t we? So we thought the place to start for data was an Excel export, in a suitably detailed format that can be then used for further expense management, reporting and bookkeeping tasks.

4. Secure Online Platform

Receipt Bot system is based on secure infrastructure based in the UK and utilises the highest level of security, EV SSL usually deployed by banks. So you can store your business records online with confidence that your data is secure.

Functionalities Currently in Testing for Near Future Release:

We have a number of exciting features currently in testing and we will soon include those in the beta release. Below is a preview of features lined up for release over the next month:

  1. Integration for Direct Date Entry to Xero
  2. Integration for Direct Date Entry to QuickBooks Online (QBO)
  3. Integration with Google Drive
  4. Searchable Data Archive
  5. iOS Receipt Scanner App
  6. Android Receipt Scanner App